Bath Time is definitely a highlight activity to start and end the day with. It’s a major activity and with like most activities involving a baby, it doesn’t come effortlessly. Some kids do not like bath time and it’s up to the parents to make it fun. For newborns and small infants, it's quite easy, all you need to do is wrapped them in a Baby Hooded Towels and they snuggle up to you or at least get distracted with the towel while you dress them up after a bath. As a baby grows older, it doesn’t remain that way and it gets increasingly complicated to give them a bath. Even though your primary objective is getting them clean and washing off all the dirt and germs acquired during the day, there are ways you can make bath time enjoyable and fun, interactive and interesting experience for your kid and maybe even for you. The most important thing at this age is to make sure the baby is comfortable in the water, and then take that everyday experience and make it playful. To starts with, always take note of the most important things. Make sure the water temperature is just right (i.e not too hot and not too cold), make sure the lighting isn't too light or dark and make sure your baby isn’t too tired, hungry or sleep when it’s bath time.

To make the most of bath time, and to make it fun for your kid, try out some of these simple steps:

Use Bath Toys

Yes bath toys are an age-old trick but there are ways you can reinvent the way you use them to pique the waning interest of your baby or toddler. Introduce new bath toys outside the tub. Let your baby or toddler play with his boats on dry land, then show him how much fun it is to float them in water.

Ease In

Fill the bathtub with just enough water to cover their feet and then let your baby splash around in that for a little while and then you add water gradually as the toddler gets more comfortable. Buy a non-skid mat for the tub to prevent slipping. This will also make the kid more secure. If the baby is slipping around easily, they might be scared to let go of you and will latch onto you tight and oh look! Now you’re all wet.

Talk Through the Process

My dentist has an amazing bedside manner. He tells me what he’s about to do before he does it and this makes me feel more relaxed and I’m not caught off guard. This technique also works great when you’re giving you kid a bath.

Give him a heads-up. Warn him when you're going to pour water over his head. Help him tilt his head back, and have him hold a washcloth over his eyes and tell him before you pour water over his face.

Sing Through (Some of) the Process

This is especially advisable for babies as singing helps soothe them. Think of when you visit a spa, there’s always a soothing so called spa music to help you relax. For a baby, the simple act of bathing is a big sensory experience. Add a song and some silly or soothing sounds and you've got yourself a bath-time hit. Your baby will love it and you don’t have to get the signs right because they can’t tell the difference lol. Even if you're totally off-key just be singing and let your inner Beyonce shine through. You can clap and show your baby how to put her hands together or tap her knee to teach her about rhythm or wiggle to the tunes. On some days it could turn into a full bathroom jamming session.

Develop their Cognitive Skills

Bath time is a great opportunity to practice your kid's cognitive senses and abilities. Your baby will have a fun experience out of touching different textures such as a bath sponge, a wet washcloth, a dry towel, the bath soap, to name a few — as you stroke her hands with different items. When your baby is able to grasp large objects herself then you can hand him different sized sponges and washcloths for him to play with. There are baby-friendly plastic mirrors that you can give your kid to play with in the tub. That should keep them distracted and occupied for a while so you can scrub away.


Make Bubbles

This is pretty self-explanatory but yeah, make bubbles in the bath water. Bathtime is the perfect time and place to make and pop bubbles. Your baby will love to watch the bubbles float in the air — and then feel them pop on his or her fingers or nose. Use a few different sized wands to expose your baby to the concepts of big and small and high and low and movement. Or try a battery-powered bubble blower — it'll shower your baby with thousands of bubbles at once and really wow him or her and wow you too. Once your baby is a toddler, you can teach him how to blow the bubbles on her own.


Develop a Routine

Even though life with a baby or babies can be chaotic, developing a bath time routine (and a routine for other activities like nap time) helps make things more structured and easier to carry out. But when it comes to bath time, it’s important to establish a routine. This way, the baby will get used to the idea of a bath each day, at a similar time, and they will start to recognize that baths are followed by some pretty wonderful moments, like snuggle sessions and cuddles with bedtime books.

Take a Bath with your Baby

Kill two birds with one stone by taking a bath with your baby every now and then. This also helps if your baby is scared of bath time. Babies love having skin-to-skin contact with their parents and it also encourages bonding, and it's just plain cuddly. Plus, being close to your baby will help your baby feel secure as he or she adjusts to the sensation of the water, and it will make it easier for you to clean otherwise hard-to-reach crevices. Just be sure to take extra care when getting out of the tub so you don't slip.

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